New Speed Automotive

About us

New Speed Automotive is a private facility that utilizes an exclusive process to streamline the vehicle modification process for Tricked Out Car Club's members.

New Speed Automotive is driven to push Tricked Out Car Club's vehicles to success at shows and on the track. We enjoy the process and like to maintain our vehicles for safe operations and top performance in all we do. We are also experienced in proper maintenance & car care procedures, cosmetic corrections and more. We love conquering those troublesome auto issues and we sell some of the award-winning products we use often. New Speed Automotive can connect the right skills & parts to your project with ease.  


New Speed Automotive offers a wide range of car care products & services that are quality-driven and  beneficial to your vehicle and the Bay County, Florida community. Ask us how!


As highly-skilled designers & builders, with life-long interests covering many diverse topics, we also utilize our facilities for new product research & design while always seeking solutions that will simplify complex dynamics.

       Tech Lab: (850) 571-7037


We would like to say Thanks for all the support & encouragement from so many great people, established shops, race crews and parts companies.

We are excited to share the road with you through our quest.

Tricked Out Car Club

The chatter around the garage is on TOCC creating a car lifestyle community around their hardline car club, Tricked Out Car Club. For 2015, they will bring both forward with a steadied pace to new horizons.


New Speed Automotive

Nothing but fun times up at the shop. We have improved many fine vehicles for our TOCC team - with some exciting projects coming up. We will post more info soon.


Stop Street Racing

We all must work together to end this deadly activity taking place. We all love power, but we also love being responsible and playing it safe, too.